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RXPETS Therapy Dogs Update

Posted on May 20, 2020 at 10:20 PM

May 14, 2020

Dear Prescription: Pets Volunteers,


Hope that this email finds you well. May has come and is going fast as we continue social distancing and infection control procedures. I feel that we are very fortunate to live in Redding, a community that is relatively spread out and, for the most part, has functional social and health services.


Your Board of Directors met last week. We are continuing to work behind the scenes. Our Volunteer Appreciation Event and workshop will be rescheduled in the Fall. Our brochure and business cards are being updated. Our bylaws have been revised as well as position descriptions for the Board of Directors. A volunteer agreement document is being worked on. Pam is working on making a video which will showcase someone reading to a therapy dog. Also, check out our website, for some changes and additions. There is a new volunteer profile highlighting Beck Harral and Penny. The BLOG is now current containing emails that are sent out to our volunteers. Comments are always welcome.


Currently, other pet therapy groups are having the same problems that we are. Most have come to a near standstill. Some are using Zoom to visit with small groups and individuals. Therapy Animals of San Antonio are planning to restart, where/when it is safe to do so, with one-on-one visits. The R.E.A.D. organization reports R.E.A.D. teams are creating videos and online sessions where the handler reads a story while their R.E.A.D. dog rests along side listening. Other groups have created short videos of their animals listening intently so that a child can turn on a video and read to a virtual listening dog. Of course these vehicles do not have the direct human contact with the therapy dog which is so much a part of what we do. Pet Partners has introduced a new term: Animal-Related Engagement (ARE) to describe activities that keep people engaged with animals while in-person therapy animal visits aren’t feasible.


I would like us to think about what our organization will look like in the future with regards to COVID-19. Our mission is: To enhance the health and quality of life for our Northern California community by sharing the value of the human animal bond through animal assisted interactions. Do you have ideas that we can explore?


Stay safe, Diana

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